Thursday, October 19, 2006

Philly City Council to Consider Resolution Against Big Media Consolidation Tomorrow

The terrific Philly-based media reform group Media Tank, along with a host of other groups, is supporting a Philadelphia City Council resolution urging the FCC to limit big media's corporate control. See the details below.

WHAT: Press Conference: City Council to Introduce Resolution Against Further Consolidation of Ownership in the Media!

WHO: Hear City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Philadelphia's prominent news weeklies, local media advocates, broadcasters, and more speak out against media consolidation, on the day that City Council will introduce a resolution urging the FCC to limit big media's corporate control! Come stand with us and support this important event! We need you!

WHERE: City Hall, Room 201

WHEN: 9am, Thursday October 19th!

WHY: In 2003, Philadelphians led the way in the battle against media consolidation, when the Federal Communications Commission tried to let companies like Clear Channel and Viacom own our daily newspapers, more radio and TV stations, and to crowd out local voices in our city and around the country. Media justice groups then took their fight to the courts, winning a landmark battle and defeating their attempt to give our airwaves to big companies who don't care about our town.

Now, the FCC is doing it again, but Philadelphia won't sit back and let it happen! On Thursday, October 19th, Philadelphia City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown will be introducing a resolution urging the FCC to protect our voices by continuing to ban the cross-ownership of electronic and print media in our city, and to limit the number of stations that any one company can hold. The resolution will also urge the FCC to hold official public hearings on the rules in Philadelphia, so we can tell the FCC directly -- don't give our airwaves away!

The FCC buried studies showing that when our TV and radio stations are owned by local companies, they produce much more local news -- 25% more than other conglomerate-owned stations' broadcasts and an average of 30+ hours more per year of local news! Read more about it here.

Philadelphians and thousands of folks across the country are demanding rules which make more local news possible, by sending their thoughts directly to the FCC, by filing official comments here.

You can tell the FCC -- you want more local music, culture, and public debate on our airwaves, and a diversity of ownership of Philadelphia's media.

Please forward widely, and see you tomorrow!

Groups Supporting the Resolution (list forming):
Consumers Union
Media Tank
Prometheus Radio Project
Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association
International Action Center
Sam (N?e Matt) Schwartz, ran the Philadelphia Independent
Philadelphia Community Access Coalition
Jobs with Justice
Neighborhood Networks
Termite TV
Center for Creative Activities
Democracy Now Advocates
Women?s International League for Peace and Freedom

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