Saturday, October 07, 2006

Indy Films Available for Classroom Use

The Alliance for Sustainable Communities and the SouthSide Film Festival, both based here in the Lehigh Valley, are working with four filmmakers to make films available free of charge for classroom use. The films were shown at the 2006 SouthSide Film Festival and were selected for this project because they address important topics in unique, thought-provoking ways.

The films are A Question of Loyalty, by Randall Wilkins; Anna und der Soldat [Anna and the Soldier], by Christian Prettin & Soeren Hueper; Stay Awake, by Blerime Topalli; and The Other Side, by Bill Brown. More information about the films is available on the Alliance website.

Teachers interested in using any of these films in their classroom should contact Peter Crownfield by email.

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